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They did a big project and were super in every way.... Responsive... Great product... Really tried to please...i hope they get out if bankruptcy and resume operations.... I want to have some other cabinets done. This was a good company with good folks who hit tough times. I have no connection to The Company or any employees just sad to see this happen. Its sad too that in the final stages good customers got caught up in the financial woes and... Read more

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It is very upsetting to hear all the negative comments concerning this company as we just finished a very large kitchen with this company. There was never a time that either my wife or I had called that their response was within a few hours. I wish this company the best and hope that this all pans out for them. To the President/CEO you should be very proud of our kitchen designer Scott Fiore we could have not asked for a better individual to... Read more

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I went to Old River Cabinets for kitchen cabinets. I was told the cabinets were all wood. Well the cabinets are installed and I have press board sides and MDF doors. But I was sold all wood. The saleperson that sold me the cabinets dose not work for old river cabinets any more. I was then told that they stop with the all wood 2 1/2 years ago. But they will remake the doors for me, just not the one I wanted. So now all I have is press wood, MDF... Read more

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Old River cabinets are been haul into court by their bank case#cl12000017-00. Former salepeople case# gv12000056-00 & gv11002689-00. Their former CEO case# gv11047759-00. And case # gv11002689-00 rent on the short pump showroom. look in to this company. They have a real estate agent running the company now. This would make the 3 CEO in one year. 2 plant manager one year. sales people come and go. If you are gone to have someone in your home, you... Read more

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I went to the show room in Short Pump over 4 weeks ago, left my name for a call back. That took two weeks. Then I spent 2 hours with the sales person, entering all of the measurements and requirements into their software. He committed to provide a design/estimate in 4 business days. On the 7th business day, I called the store, only to be told that he had left the company. I had to schedule a 2nd appointment (for a week later). I set... Read more

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Old River Cabinets, Poor Customer Service
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Discovered water under the sink. I started looking for the cause. The connection between the sink and granite were not sealed. The sink had seperated from the granite leaving it open for water to pool into the cabinet below. Luckily my wife noticed it. I called Old River over a month ago about the problem. I had to call again. After 6 weeks I was called about the problem. ... Read more

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How could you, in good conscience advertise on Doc's WLW or WRVA web page? Or use him to voice your commercials? Do you share his values? You are judged by the company you keep. Others are sure to find out who you associate with. Beck substitute Doc Thompson calls for "taking people down" through profiling December 21, 2010 11:57 am ET From the December 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:... Read more

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